Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and now living in New York, I've brought my Southern charm to this Northern way of life as well as my career in the entertainment industry. From theater and voiceovers to short films and podcasting, I've been blessed with a multitude of opportunities in show business. Each year striving onward and upward as I continue to grow and learn both as an artist and an individual.

But then came COVID, and I had to explore new ventures and outlets for my creativity. And through this I'm learning it's not about the destination, but rather the experience. And it's certainly been an adventure so far...

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2022 Communicator Award Recipient

Since 2017, I've spoken with artists and creatives on my Top 25 theater podcast, Why I’ll Never Make It. They share stories of success and setbacks in the performing arts, opening up about their own journey and what keeps them going.


BroadwayWorld, Bridges of Madison County 

Jones has the perfect kind of charm for the rugged photographer and a wonderful voice. His solo "It All Fades Away" is certainly a highlight of the show.