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While other theater arts podcasts may focus on the glitz and glam of showbiz, Why I'll Never Make It zeros in on the challenges and obstacles that actors, writers, dancers, directors, and other creatives face. By sharing these stories and setbacks from a diverse group of professionals who continue to persist, WINMI provides inspiration and encouragement to fellow artists while also giving a behind the scenes look at our industry.

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• 2022 Communicator Award of Distinction
• Best Theater Podcasts to Follow - Feedspot
• Top 10 Performing Arts Podcast - GoodPods
• Indie to Watch - Radio Public


Monthly or yearly subscriptions provide early access to ad-free episodes that offer deeper discussions and further insights from guests.


You can also support WINMI with one-time or recurring donations thru PayPal and designate the area of production you want to help. 

Patrick Oliver Jones

Host & Producer

As an actor and singer, Patrick has been in the performing arts both onscreen and onstage for 30 years. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, he brought his Southern charm and hospitality to New York City where credits include off-Broadway world premieres, staged readings and workshops as well as regional productions of contemporary and classic musicals.

But among all of his successes, there have been even more failures and setbacks such as show closings, being replaced, and hundreds of auditions that never went anywhere. Why I’ll Never Make It  was created to explore the reasons actors and creative professionals don’t succeed and also challenge the notion of what it means to “make it” in the entertainment industry. Interviews share a common theme of how hard this business is, and each guest shares their passion for the arts and what keeps them going through all the ups and downs.

As the old song goes, “There’s no people like show people, they smile when they are low.” The hope is for listeners to find laughter and inspiration from the stories and experiences shared on this podcast. 

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