From musical theater cast albums and demos to pop covers and jazz standards, here's a collection of musical gems.

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As performers we use our whole bodies in bringing a character to life, but it takes another skill altogether to do the same thing using only a voice.


Though mainly hosting and producing my own podcasts, I have also lent my voice and talents to other podcasts and audio dramas.

Why I’ll Never Make It Podcast Artwork

Now in its sixth season, WINMI brings on actors and artists from the performing arts to explore the setbacks and challenges we face. As host and producer, I've been so grateful for these guests who open up about their own unique journeys and lessons learned along the way.


Since 2018, this limited edition series was created to share another side of the performing arts and showcase the work that goes unseen. These periodic episodes feature conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives making a difference in the arts and beyond.