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Artist-centered and driven to connect creatives and engage audiences.

WINMI focuses on the unseen work that goes into making art -- shining a light on the struggles and failures that often precede the beauty of creation. The goal is for fellow creatives to feel welcome and supported, giving them space to contribute and collaborate, while providing audiences with both laughter and inspiration in the shared experience.


It began in 2017 with interviews of fellow creatives, talking about their challenges and lessons learned,  leading to a Communicator Award in 2022. Then came a limited series focused on arts organizations. Next up is narrative theater history on famous and forgotten Broadway shows that closed too soon.


With his first professional contract at Birmingham Summerfest more than 30 years ago (alongside Rebecca Luker) Patrick has been around the world in national tours, cruise ships, regional theaters, theme parks, and various Off-Broadway venues, not to mention network television and short films.  


In addition to podcasting, new works have been produced in New York City and Orlando along with cabarets and concerts. All the while WINMI keeps an eye on stage opportunities that engage, entertain, and educate audiences, while fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts.

Projects & Partners

WINMI's ongoing mission is to encourage creative expression and promote the arts as a source of inspiration and collaboration. By supporting both emerging and established artists in their creative journeys, WINMI can foster a love for the arts through thoughtful and insightful work that not only challenges and entertains an audience, but uplifts the artists as well.

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Patrick Oliver Jones 

Founder, WINMI Media

As an actor and singer, Patrick has been performing onscreen and onstage for 30 years. This is in addition to hosting large conventions, red-carpet interviews, and podcasts. As a writer, he has contributed articles to Backstage, maintains his own blogs, and is currently working on his first script.

"I am so glad to have finally had the opportunity to work with you, a joy from start to finish and such a talented and positive spirit."


Music Supervisor, EVITA

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