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Justin Guarini

American Idol singer and Broadway actor shows us how persistence and a can-do attitude helped him find opportunities and deal with important decisions in his life and career. Also available to WINMI members are bonus episodes of After the Interview and Audition Stories.

Justin Guarini has written a book to help us actors through a stressful yet necessary part of this business: auditioning. If you would like to have a signed copy of his book AUDITION SECRETS, then all you have to do is join WINMI as a Maker, Producer, or Artist. Sign up for one of these memberships between now and January 31, 2021, and one lucky winner will be chosen to receive Justin’s tips and secrets to auditioning. 

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Justin Guarini
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As an actor and singer, I've has been in the performing arts both onscreen and onstage for more than 25 years. I was in the original cast of FIRST WIVES CLUB in Chicago in addition to two national tours, THE ADDAMS FAMILY and EVITA. On camera, my work has ranged from national commercials to co-starring roles on primetime television (BLUE BLOODS and LAW & ORDER: CI). Besides hosting this podcast, I've helmed other events like large national conventions to intimate grand openings and one-on-one red carpet interviews.


But among all of the successes, there have been even more failures and setbacks such as show closings, being replaced, and hundreds of auditions that never went anywhere. Why I’ll Never Make It was created to explore the reasons actors and creative professionals don’t succeed while showing fellow artists and theater lovers what it really means to “make it” in this business. Each guest shares their passion for the arts and what keeps them going despite all the ups and downs.


As the old song goes, “There’s no people like show people, they smile when they are low.” My hope is you will find laughter and inspiration from the stories and experiences shared on this podcast. 

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