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Hear from artists and creative professionals in the performing arts as they share stories of success and setbacks in the arts, opening up about their own journey and what keeps them going.

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This week's guest

marcus scott

A multihyphenate artist who combines journalist, playwright, librettist, activist, and educator. He also adds to that “black, for lack of a better term, queer; and socially awkward.” He describes his theater work is an “act of resistance” in “an industry where most of the gatekeepers are white, and nearly 90 percent of the artists produced are white.” From this stems most of his subject matter, both onstage and in print.

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Catherine Li

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Alina Alcántara

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"I can say this is one to keep on your shortlist if you are an artist. Patrick is an engaging host with honest conversations about our fickle craft and the struggles we face daily."

Mia Engle

ASL Interpreter

"You took the time to dive past the surface of ASL into the depths of the topic, where theater, interpreting, and accessibility meet. It's so well-crafted, I feel grateful to have been involved."

George Salcido

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"Genuinely I love listening and hearing what other people have to say. I get a lot of inspiration from your podcast and I work on being a better actor everyday because of it."