Special offers for the WINMI Community

These are from podcast guests and businesses I have a personal or professional connection with.

I reached out to them and asked for a way listeners like YOU can use their services and products.


In-Studio Ballet

Attention actor-movers and dancers — are you interested in semi-private, socially distant, beginning ballet on Monday nights? If the answer is YES or even MAYBE, sign up for James’ mailing list and he will keep you informed of his class availability in NYC. His goal is keeping this as SAFE AS POSSIBLE while still offering the opportunity. 

Masks required • Class size limited • Air filtration installed


Jason Odell Williams

Now you can work one-on-one with this Emmy-nominated TV producer and award-winning playwright. Send Jason a current draft of your script, and he will provide feedback via email -- detailed breakdown of notes and suggestions. Or upgrade to a 90-minute Zoom call to to discuss the notes and have a back and forth Q&A / brainstorming session.

Mention "WINMI podcast" and get 20% off


The SEEINg Place

The Seeing Place Theater is a non-profit indie ensemble based in NYC, led by Erin Cronican. Like most theaters The Seeing Place shut its doors due to the pandemic. However, this ensemble remains active via Zoom to strengthen their craft, develop their knowledge, read and discuss plays, and serve their community through online Education and Outreach programs. 

Support these artists in their time of need.


jazz with Chaz

Two-hour jazz class with Chaz Wolcott on Zoom. Class includes a full warm-up, technical progressions and a theater jazz combination. It's open to all levels and Chaz strives to create a judgment-free, encouraging atmosphere to help everyone stay in shape while continuing to grow as performers during this crazy time. 

Zoom Meeting ID: 852 0184 4002

$5 each class - Tues/Thur 2pm EST • Sundays 6pm EST


Headshot Photogrpahy

As a guest on the podcast, Roberto Araujo shared not only his personal journey as an actor and singer, but also gave advice and insight into creating a great headshot. He knows how important it is to find affordable photography that shows who we truly are. By working with Roberto, you'll capture the full spectrum of your emotion and personality in the perfect shot.

2 Hours, 2 Looks, 2 Retouches, $200  (Promo code: WINMI)


Abundance Bound

Miata Edoga is an actress and financial coach who came on the podcast and told us about Abundance Bound, a financial education company she founded for actors and creative professionals. It was launched with a mission to reduce the feelings of intimidation and stress that can keep artists from having a healthy relationship with money.

$5 off each month of the program  (Discount code: WINMI)

Over Pro

When it comes to making this podcast, a big chunk of my time is spent marketing on social media. For the first couple of seasons I was making every post from scratch on Pages, it was time-consuming with limited features. But then I found and started using Over, a free mobile app with customizable templates that ignited my creativity and focused my message on each post.

Free Month of OVER Pro (Use promo code WINMI during setup)