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CREATIVE WISDOM is a collection of quotes and insights from previous guests like Caitlin Kinnunen, Mykal Kilgore, Douglas Sills, and Joey Fatone. This free ebook is for anyone who joins or supports WINMI.

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In the past two years, listeners have generously donated $433 to this podcast. During that same time, however, producing WINMI has totaled more than $2000. While my passion and dedication to WINMI may be endless, unfortunately my funds are not, which is why I do almost 
everything myself to keep expenses down. So this season I've created new ways for listeners to not only grow your career in the performing arts but also support the mission of this podcast and help cover the costs of current and future services:

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One day, I do hope to expand WINMI and actually have a team putting this podcast together, but that requires revenue to hire an editor, assistant producer, marketer, etc. So if you have found any benefit from listening to Why I’ll Never Make It, please consider a one-time donation or ongoing monthly support below...

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Bonus Episodes

These are special episodes and interviews with guests you won't find anywhere else.

After the INterview

Every now and then we get into interesting discussions after the interview has ended.

Final Five

At the end of interviews guests get five final questions on bucket lists, life lessons, and more.

Career Advice

Insights and tips on becoming a better artist and audio versions of my Backstage articles.

Audition Stories

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Artists share memorable stories from the audition room.


One-on-one sessions for scene work, audition coaching, song selection, and business advice.


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Your name will be added to this website and thanked in an upcoming episode.

You get bonus content that offers a deeper dive into the guests and topics discussed.


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The episodes are also offered individually for those wanting

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Includes AFTER THE INTERVIEW, which reveals further conversations not included in parts one or two, and other special bonus episodes with guests that can't be found anywhere else.

Justin Guarini

Final Five

In these short episodes, guests are asked a series of five final questions covering  aspirations outside the arts, bucket lists, people who have inspired them, lessons learned, and most useful advice.

Sammi Cannold

Advice & Stories

Includes AUDITION STORIES from directors, actors, coaches, and casting directors as well as CAREER ADVICE,

bite-size versions of my Backstage articles and WINMI Blog posts.

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