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Special offers for the WINMI Community

These are from podcast guests and businesses I have a personal or professional connection with. I reached out to them and asked for a way listeners like YOU can use their services and products.

I get no money from these promotions. This is simply an effort to provide resources that will help you in life and your career.


Miata Edoga is an actress and financial coach who came on the podcast and told us about Abundance Bound, a financial education company she founded for actors and creative professionals. It was launched with a mission of reducing the feelings of intimidation and stress that too often impede artists from having a healthy relationship with money.

(Listen to Miata's episode.)

Whether you're struggling with debt, juggling several jobs to make ends meet, running a successful business, or dealing with a financial windfall, Miata in there to guide you through each step along the way.



Use the discount code "WINMI" for $5 off each month of this financial program.


When it comes to making this podcast a big chunk of my time is spent marketing and posting to social media For the first couple of seasons I was making every post from scratch, trying to figure out what looked best and then how to actually create it.

But then I discovered Over, a free app that gives businesses, bloggers, and artists like us the tools to create beautiful designs. Their ready-to-customize templates ignited my creativity and focused my message with each post. I loved it so much that I eventually upgraded to Over Pro. Now you can try it out! 




Use the promo code "WINMI" to get your free month of the Pro version.

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