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Both insightful and entertaining, these stories and conversations remind us that we're not alone and give us ways to handle this often anxious

but necessary part of our careers.

The good, the bad and the hysterical.

With almost every interview I gather audition stories from directors, actors, coaches, talent agents, and casting directors for these special episodes. 

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August 16, 2021

Audition Stories, Part 1

The 3nd Annual Auditions Stories is here! Part One focuses on regional actors from the stage and screen, with some added words of advice from Bryan Cranston.


December 12-24, 2020

12 Days of Auditions

Since the last audition episodes, there have been quite a few interviews and the stories have been piling up. So a baker's dozen of audition tales were released as members-only episodes one day at a time between the 12th and 24th of December 2020.


Monthly supporters who join as a WINMI Artist get special access to bonus episodes like these. The Twelve Days of Auditions features the following previous podcast guests:​

  1. Christophe Zajac-Denek

  2. Alex Pires

  3. Megan Carver

  4. Bart Shatto

  5. Bianca Marroquín 

  6. Eric Jordan Young

  7. Samantha Figgins

  8. Michael McBride 

  9. Hannah Elles & Mykal Kilgore 

  10. Meredith Aleigha Wells

  11. David Ruttura 

  12. Tiffany Coyne

  13. Douglas Sills

These special episodes are offered as a way of saying thank you to those who donate and support the work of WINMI. I'm so grateful and appreciative for listeners like you!




February 26, 2020

Audition Stories, Part 2

In this episode we dive into the comparison game with Justin Guarini and examples from former guests. This kind of jealousy is so common to actors and affects us in the audition room more than we know.

Auditions copy.jpeg

April 22, 2019


Welcome to the first annual Auditions episode! I’ll be sharing stories from those in the audition room as well as some tidbits of wisdom along the way.


For the past few months during my conversations with guests I've asked them about their own audition stories. Having saved those tales of wonder and woe, I bring them to you now for the first time. And that’s what today is going to be all about -- sharing and commiserating on auditions.



  • AMY MARIE STEWART - Coach and Founder of Theory Works

  • TOVI WAYNE - MEAN GIRLS (Broadway)


  • WOJCIK/SEAY CASTING - NY and regional casting office

  • JOHN ORT - Television & Film Casting Director

  • TONY HOWELL - Digital Branding Strategist

  • KELLY GABEL - Coach and Founder of Triple Threat Therapy



August 23, 2021

Audition Stories, Part 2

The 3nd Annual Auditions Stories continue! This time with tales from Broadway actors about their expereinces in the room where it happens.

  • Mykal Kilgore - actor and R&B singer from MOTOWN and HAIR

  • Hannah Elless - actress and singer from GODSPELL and BRIGHT STAR

  • Douglas Sills - iconic leading man from SCARLET PIMPERNEL and THE ADDAMS FAMILY

  • Gabrielle Ruiz - quintessential triple threat from IF/THEN and CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND

  • Geoffrey Owens - actor and director best known as Elvin from THE COSBY SHOW

  • Sally Wilfert - actress/singer from ASSASSINS and KING DAVID

  • Will Swenson - actor and singer from WAITRESS and PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT

  • Justin Guarini - American Idol finalist and Broadway actor from WICKED and IN TRANSIT


February 19, 2020

Audition Stories, Part 1

The 2nd Annual Auditions Stories is here! Today, focusing on the Audition Book and debunking 5 myths about what this book is supposed to be.​

  • KELVIN MOON LOH - Otho in BEETLEJUICE on Broadway

  • SHERRYL-LEE SECOMB - Director and An Idiot on Stage

  • J. HARRISON GHEE - Lola in KINKY BOOTS (Broadway & Tour)

  • CAROLINE BOWMAN - Elsa in FROZEN National Tour

  • JANINE DIVITA - IF/THEN (National Tour), GREASE (Broadway)

  • JOSHUA MORGAN - Shelly Berger in AIN'T TOO PROUD (Bway)

  • TERRI DOLLAR - Talent Agent & Founder/Director of S.T.A.R.

  • BRET SHUFORD - Broadway Husbands and Life Coach

  • AMY MARIE STEWART - "Definitive Guide to Building Your Audition Book" on Soundfly and Theory Works

Ort Box.jpg

April 28, 2019

Casting Director John Ort

As a casting director in television, film, new media, and theatre, John Ort gives his own take on auditioning that proves both informative and useful as we continue to navigate this sometimes rough and mysterious process.


He sheds light on on-camera vs theater auditions, how best to do self-tapes, and even tackles some of your questions.

Wojcik Seay BOX.png

September 29, 2018

Wojcik / Seay Casting

When Scott Wojcik and Gayle Seay entered the entertainment industry, headshots were black and white and fax machines and beepers were high tech ways to communicate. The mode of casting has changed dramatically from when they began their careers. What hasn't changed is a commitment to the process, their care for the actor, and their collective love of show business.


Both Scott and Gayle were both actors and eventually worked in casting prior to merging their experience into the thriving partnership of Wojcik Seay Casting. They opened their doors in January of 2009 with the non-union National Tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and have been working non-stop ever since.

In this episode, the lead-off to Season Two of the podcast, I talk with Scott and Gayle about their life before casting and what they look for in the room. They not only give insights on who makes it and who doesn't, but more importantly they address why as well.