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While other theater arts podcasts may focus on success stories, Why I'll Never Make It zeros in on the difficulties and obstacles faced by artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives. By sharing these stories of adversity and perseverance from a diverse group of professionals, WINMI provides inspiration and encouragement to listeners who may be facing similar challenges in their own careers.

 • 2022 Communicator Award of Distiction
 • Best Theater Podcasts to Follow - Feedspot
 • Top 10 Performing Arts Podcast - GoodPods
 • Indie to Watch - Radio Public
 • Seriously, Podcasting Award Fund Recipient


Producing a podcast isn’t cheap, and it needs followers and listeners like you. With your financial help, WINMI can continue to share insightful stories through the podcast, YouTube channel, and blog, reaching a wider audience and becoming accessible to more artists.


So please consider a one-time donation or subscribing monthly to bonus episodes. Whichever way you choose to contribute, your support is so very much appreciated!

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