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Special offers for the ARTIST Community

These offers are from podcast guests or businesses I have a personal or professional connection with. Each one with a way to help the business or creative side of your career.

I reached out to them and asked for a way listeners like YOU can use their services and products.


Acting Classes

Terry Knickerbocker has spent more than 30 years training and teaching with William Esper, one of the most respected protegés of Sanford Meisner. He was an alumnus and core faculty member of the Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and since 2015 has had his own acting studio. By providing a conservatory setting, TK Studio faculty rigorously trains the actor to succeed in a highly competitive industry. 

Terry was a podcast guest in May 2021.


Performing Arts Courses

If there's one good thing that came from COVID, it's that online courses have become a viable way to continue training and learning new skills as well as hone your current talents. You can even find performing arts courses: dance, music, drama. These courses will not only teach you the theoretical (and fascinating) side of the art, but will also get you all geared up for your future auditions and live performances.

Learning from home...

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WINMI Artist

Not only am I the host of Why I’ll Never Make It, but I'm also a contributor to Backstage. These articles offer advice and insights on the business of acting and performing. You can get the audio version of these articles delivered directly to your podcast app as well as Audition Stories and other bonus episodes by becoming a WINMI Artist. It's just $10/month and also comes with one free coaching session with me and reduced rates on any further coachings

Audition Stories • Career Advice • Coaching


32 Bar Cut

What started as a simple blog about theatre auditions transformed into a weekly series, where Adrienne Walker shares candidly about her experiences as a stage performer, offers advice that she's learned as a reader, and encourages fellow artists to keep pursuing their dreams. Friends and colleagues sit down with Adrienne each week and share personal experiences as well.

Series • Blog • Merchandise


Private actor Coaching

Cherry received her BA in Theatre from UNLV and her MFA in acting from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, where she studied under Bill Esper and Maggie Flanigan. Cherry also has an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in Amazon Prime's After Forever. She'll help you find freedom and confidence as an actor. Read these testimonials of grateful students.

"Cherry is one of the finest personal acting coaches around."


Abundance Bound

Miata Edoga is an actress and financial coach who came on the podcast and told us about Abundance Bound, a financial education company she founded for actors and creative professionals. It was launched with a mission to reduce the feelings of intimidation and stress that can keep artists from having a healthy relationship with money.

$5 off each month of the program  (Discount code: WINMI)

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FREE E-book

Everyone who signs up for the monthly WINMI Newsletter gets a free digital copy of my first collection of insights from previous podcast guests called Creative Wisdom. It covers topics like mindset and auditions from artists like Douglas Sills, Caitlin Kinnunen, Mykal Kilgore, Justin Guarini, Bianca Marroquín, J. Harrison Ghee, and more.​

Any piece of art, whether it be film or theater,

is an act of translation.

- Cris Eli Blak