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Acting and auditioning

Whether a one-time work session or ongoing lessons, you will walk away with tools and a plan for your next theater scene, monologue, or song. Or maybe you need advice and direction on the business side of your career.


With my 30 years in the business, I'm here to help you at any point along your theater career.

Actor Coach


The acting profession is one of immense joy and passion, but with that comes bouts of rejection and self-doubt. I'm here to help you quiet those voices and listen to the artist inside you instead.


Each actor has unique set of skills and a perspective that separates them from other performers. So whether it's for scene work, song choices, audition techniques, and/or business advice, I'm here to help you unearth the light within you and help it shine.

I've worked with high school and college students as well as adults and am ready to assist you in becoming the best all-around performer you can be. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Sign up for a coaching time that works with your schedule. You can pay now, or I'll send a PayPal or Venmo link before our session. Thank you!

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For an added level of coaching service, join my podcast as an Artist and your first half-hour session is free. Remain a monthly member and all subsequent coachings will be at a reduced rate:



Your monthly membership entitles you to all the bonus episodes offered by Why I’ll Never Make It, including:

  • Final Five

  • Audition Stories

  • Career Advice

There is also the option for another free consultation that would be recorded and turned into a podcast episode. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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ANother Option...

Advice & Stories

No coaching comes with this economical plan but you do get these bonus podcast episodes:

 AUDITION STORIES from directors, actors, dancers, and casting directors as well as CAREER ADVICE, bite-size versions of my Backstage articles and WINMI Blog posts.

Sample epsiode:

Why You Should Be Selective